Here is what our readers say on our 1st anniversary (Mar. 02, 2009).
I discovered iBible on the skypecasts in Aug-2008, I believe. I have been enthusiastically reading along with them since then. I view the reading group as my spiritual family on the internet and miss them if my schedule prevents me attending. Regularly reading along with them really makes a difference in my life. Ití»s as if the Holy Spirit has a chance to push out worldly thinking patterns and replace them with biblical thinking patterns. I am greatly strengthened by the reading and the fellowship, and I hope that the Lord may allow me to be an encouragement to others too.

I pray that God bless each and every one in the group and that he may let it grow and expand to other time zones and other languages as the original vision of iBible was, as we continue to í«gather together as the day draw nearí»-Hebrews 10:25.

John from Florida, USA


When I joined iBible, I intended to study the Bible on a daily basis and to steady myself in the Word. The class not only helped me learn more about our wonderful Lord and Savior, but also gave me support and helped me build friendships with other Christians throughout the world. This turned into a great personal experience and Ií»m certain it pleases our Lord and Savior.
Most of all, I would just like to thank Andrew and the fellow staff for this exciting time to encourage one another and build each other up.


Bruce from MN, USA


On the 1st anniversary of, we need to give praise to the Lord for what has been achieved. Through the fellowship with readers across the globe, my faith was strengthened and it gave me more insight in Godí»s Word. The Word of God is like a diamond and every time you see from a different angle. Being together with fellow Christians, was for me a time of spiritual enrichment and I praise God for the opportunity, I had in sharing the Word on almost a daily basis.

I want to thank Andrew specially for being instrumental in the hands of the Lord in originating this website. I want to thank all my fellow compatriots for their dedication and commitment. It is my prayer that we will be together for many more years and that our reading of the Bible will be a joyous bondage as servants of the Lord. God will surely inspire us - through His Holy Spirit - to be instrumental in His work around the globe. God bless!!!!!!!

Danny Abrahams from S. Africa


I have been reading on for nearly a year since this skype started.
It has helped me to be more disciplined in my bible reading.
In a year we have nearly read the whole bible.
I have realised how small this planet is as we can talk to people across the world in different time zones.
It is good to have fellowship with people of different cultures and different nationalities.
We have had some regular readers and some have come just for a short time.
By sharing our favourite verses it helps focus on what God may be saying to us individually or learn from others ideas.Often seeing something new in familiar passages.
My prayer is that God will continue to work his purposes out through this technology.

Norman from U.K.

Mrs B

I am so thankful for when my son, Daniel B, told me about the daily Bible reading on Perhaps some do not know that I am homebound, unable to attend church for over 20 years. So my times of daily reading on iBible provided a much needed opportunity to unite with other believers from all over the world in a wonderful reading of the Bible and sharing of how God spoke to us through the reading. We also enjoy a regular time of prayer to open and close the class. I am currently offering a Bible reading/study time for women meeting at GMT 17:00.

Mrs B from Arizona, USA


Hi Andrew!

I am very thankful for this time and privilege of participating with you in the reading of the Scriptures. Between the iBible reading and the evening reading that I participate in, it's helping me to pursue a closer walk w/the Lord. Thank you so much for providing this time that we can gather together to read the Bible and fellowship.

Margaret from MN, USA


Praise be to the Lord!!! He gave this time for us to stay the presence of God. It is very hard to wake up early in the morning. But He gave me His strength to wake up everyday with His word. Let's join here and read the bible together and confess his name exactly until Jesus comes on the earth with His Glory.

Joel from Korea (in Philippines)


It is already one year since we started to read the bible together here on and I thank the Lord for blessing us with so many faithful readers and listeners. Specially I like to express my sincere appreiciations to Danny, Norman and Mrs B for leading the class while I was visiting NYC.

We have not only have regular readers who join and read the bible almost everyday but also have listeners and website visitors who participate in reading the scripture together. The best part of our reading class is that we do read the Bible regularly and can have fellowship with the Chirstians form all over the world. On sharing the favorite verse, we also can learn scriptures from other person's perspective. I pray that all the Holy Spirit guide us so that we may understand what we read and practice what we have learned from the readings in our daily life.

Andrew from Korea

" Do not let this book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. " ( Joshua 1:8 )

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