is a consulting company specialized in the business analysis and solving the business problems. As the company is composed of human talents, it is destined to deteriorate as time goes by just like our physical body. As we have the regular health chekck ups in order to maintain the good physical condition, we need to give the proper attention to the business in order to make them in order and balance.

It is's mission to help the companies to be in optimum condition with the right order, balance, harmony and rhythm.

In order to achieve these goals, the company has developed two tools, "4x3 Business Analysis Matrix" and "7P Action Plans" which have proven to be effective in both for understanding the business status and for solving the problems the busines have.

If you are interested in receiving the service from, please contact Andrew at and please note that reserve the right to select the companies to be serviced its own discretion for the sake of the both parties. inc is incorporated at 601-B158Ho 147 Nojac-Ro Hwasung-Shi Kyunggi-do Repubic of Korea with the registration no. 134811-0618960